Welch Home Builders Welch Builders Puts Their Name on Every House Built

Welch Builders is a family-owned and operated business founded in 1985 by Robert J. Welch. Bob and his son, Scott, are both Registered Builders who become deeply involved in the construction of every Welch home. At Welch Builders, Bob and Scott understand that communication between client and builder is one of the most important ingredients in any project.


Bob Welch

Bob Welch, a Registered homebuilder, opened Welch Builders with his son, Scott in 1985. Both men are strong advocates of making sure top-quality materials are used in every custom home.

Bob learned quality control at Ford Motor Corporation before he started his own homebuilding business. Implementing these important principles in building upscale homes sets Welch Builders apart from others. Welch-built homes also have timeless elegance with all the amenities to accommodate today’s lifestyle.

Bob Welch’s Accomplishments

  • Past president of the Louisville Homebuilders Association
  • Delegate to the National Homebuilders Association
  • Chairman of the Registered Builders Committee
Scott Welch Scott A. Welch

Scott Welch is also a Registered builder, as well as a Registered remodeler. Both father and son are deeply involved in every new and remodeled construction project. Each nail, brick and piece of wood used in their homes contributes to the layers of experience that have made them successful custom homebuilders in the Louisville area.


Carol Welch

Carol Welch, an experienced designer, provides years of experience to this team of quality craftspeople. Carol helps clients creatively select features and finishes to reflect their individual tastes and personalities. She can assist with lighting, flooring, paint finishes, and color schemes for every area of the house.


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